Our practical training courses are slowly becoming recognised by industry peers as an integral part of quality management.  The support of our members in this regard is imperative.

Welcome to the Master Painters Association

The Master Painters Association is dedicated to the betterment of the paint contracting profession.  By upholding a code of ethics based on Quality, Reliability, Professionalism and Integrity we aim to uplift the standards to levels beyond the current industry standard.  With ever increasing costs it becomes more important to ensure that the consumer is educated with regards to the best value for money experience.  Our members strive to produce a high standard of work at a reasonable rate with transparency and integrity.

Our Industry is NOT Experiencing a Quality Crisis!

For some who have recently undergone the process of having their building or complex painted it may seem like there is a lack of quality in the painting industry as a whole. This is a sad perception which is perpetuated by sales people using scare tactics to promote themselves as the last of the “good guys”.

The Perfect Paint Contract

Our vehicle decal proudly displayed on one of our members vehicles.

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